Important Sedona Real Estate Issues when buying a Sedona Home for Sale

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Jul 14th 2015 2:07pm In: Sedona Homes for Sale

When buying a Home for Sale in Sedona potential buyers should take into account a few things in regards to when they want to resell their home.   Yes, I have heard it before.  "We are never going to leave"", "This is our last home", "This has always been my dream, and I will live here till I die".  Well, the majority of Sedona Buyers who Buy Sedona Real Estate sell their property on average every 7 years.  That is why the Sedona Real Estate market has so much changes, grandkids are born, and those Happy Buyers then become Sellers!  So here are a few things to consider when making your initial home purchase.  1) VIEW!  Everyone comes here for that, home should have that, if a home doesn't have that, you're gong to limit the number of buyers interested in your Dream home.  2) Stairs.  Let's remember that Sedona is primarily a retirement community.  The median age is 51.  That should tell you something. Generally, potential buyers don't want lots of stairs in a home.  They want the main living area to at least be single level - to protect the knees, the hips... etc.  This one isn't a deal breaker - but most people want and crave it; 3) Privacy.  People like a little space around them.  Most buyers come from a big place like NYC or LA and want to come to this small place and want peace and quiet... So think about that home that is planted next to another home or where  you can hear the traffic etc.    So when buying a Sedona Home for Sale take into Views, Stairs and Privacy...... and your dream Sedona Home will become a new buyer's dream as well!  For all your Sedona Real Estate Needs I can be reached at 928-301-0669 or email me here

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