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If you are looking for beautiful Sedona homes for sale, I consider myself to be an area expert having worked in the area’s real estate for years and have the professional expertise necessary to connect you with the best Sedona home for you!  Feel free to contact me for updated info .

THE Sedona Real Estate Market is BACK to healthy levels.  We have record low inventory, not enough listings and too many buyers!  WOW what a problem!  Of course the old adage remains true - Supply and Demand!  With limited amount of supply - the prices are going up.   

INVENTORY- Our inventory is LOWEST we have seen in years. 



“ WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?   If you have been waiting to take advantage of great prices, GET OFF THE FENCE NOW AND GO BUY A HOUSE.  BEFORE some other buyer does – who will be happy in THE HOUSE YOU SHOULD OF BOUGHT! 

 The once unreachable Sedona Homes For Sale Market  has become an affordable place to own a 2nd home.  So take advantage of it NOW.

I can be reached via email, or texting, , or the old fashioned way, via the phone (what a concept) at 928-301-0669

I pride myself on being a market expert in Sedona and I've taken the time to preview all of these homes and condos for sale. The market is moving very quickly, meaning the best properties at the best price in the best neighborhoods are being sold. I keep an up to date list of these best properties for sale, so please call me at 928-301-0669 today or fill out the form below so I can help you find the best deal that meets your needs.

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