Sedona Homes for Sale

Sedona homes for sale never seem to be too far from historical events. In fact, Sedona has a history that is as colorful as the sandstone formations around her. This history includes both Native American and Anglo-American traditions that continue to this day. So if you decide to purchase one of the Sedona homes for sale, you'll be settling in an area that, in many respects, is quite young, yet still has an old tradition.

Sedona Homes for Sale: Sedona History

When you purchase Sedona homes for sale, you'll be buying a house in a location with a rich Native American background. The ‘modern’ history goesSculpture back to 1900 when some members of the Apache and Yavapai tribes returned after being relocated to San Carlos Indian Reservation in 1876. It's proud to be one of the areas today where Native Americans and Anglos celebrate their heritage and culture side-by-side. It's interesting to note, the first Anglo Americans to the area created farming and ranching, which is still prevalent today. In the last half of the 20th century, the area experienced a large boom thanks to people seeking tourism, vacation-homes and retirement areas. Today, however, you’ll find a mix of all ages and types of ‘locals’ – from ‘snow birds’ to full-time residents. So if you’ve been searching for Sedona homes for sale, chances are there’s something here for you too.

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