Sedona, Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of

is the phrase most often uttered by Sedona visitors and home buyers when first they encounter the land's sheer beauty, and their dreams are born. If you're one of them, Sedona homes for sale provide the perfect atmosphere and amenities to keep you amazed at just how incredible life can be.

So, keep reading because enjoying panoramic views of opulent red rock formations backed by spectacular sunrises and sunsets doesn't have to be merely "the stuff of dreams." Owning a Home, Land or Investment property in Sedona means you can wake each day to the splendor and tranquility of one of the most desirable locations on earth.

Hello,  I'm Barbara Baker, REALTOR®, and I love what I do. I've had the privilege of living in this beautiful place for a long time now, With a population of only 11,000, Sedona has that small-town quality, but this area is extraordinarily expansive. It's also very pristine. No litter. No graffiti. And because we're so aware of the beauty of the night sky, street lights are kept dim so as not to dim your view of the stars!

Sedona is one giant colorful palette where homes and businesses appear as organic parts of the surrounding cliffs, woods and red rock mountains. Even better, Sedona homes are designed to bring the outdoors in, so that at every angle the landscape's majesty is within your immediate view. At sunrise, light streams in, ever changing across walls and floors as the day progresses. And your home and yard become your personal vacation resort. More about Sedona homes...

Buying Your Sedona Home

Are you dreaming of living in a Sedona home? Perhaps you plan to retire and move here permanently. Or you may be looking for a second home, even a third. If so, you’re in good company, as owners of second and third homes make up 55% of the Sedona home market. Discover Sedona real estate possibilities...

Are You An Investor Who Wants To Buy In Sedona?

And considering that Sedona is called “The Most Beautiful City in the U.S.” ... by USA Today, many of our clients are investors.  And because they recognize the money-making opportunities here, they form a large part of my clientele. Read what Canadian investor Martin McBride said about his experience with me...

Selling Your Sedona Home

 Buyers are buying ... and investors are investing! Find out how I can help you sell your home...

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