Sedona Real Estate

Sedona real estate comes in many choices,  luxury condos or a modest  townhomes, are a favorite with many people. They’re perfect for both year-round residents and people looking to escape the harsher weather of other areas. Offering many of the advantages of single-family homes, and few of the maintenance responsibilities and headaches, condos and townhomes  continue to be a popular choice in Sedona real estate.

Sedona Real Estate: Sedona Condo Benefits

Sedona real estate is quite varied. You’ll find diverse home prices as well as a mixture of home types. The condominium, however, is a great choice for people who want to avoid exterior maintenance and landscaping since the homeowner’s association usually handles those things. Of course, in order to cover Sedona garden wallthese kinds of services, residents are required to pay homeowner’s association fees (in addition to their mortgage, home insurance, etc.). For many owners, the fee is worth it. You’ll find as for the townhomes themselves, condo can range anywhere from as little as  $150K to $600K plus in price. The real benefit is many of these locations offer similar amenities – red rock views, clubhouses, pools, spas, tennis courts, golf courses and walking/hiking trails. Plus, both luxury condos, and practical ones, are usually near shopping, restaurants and other conveniences. So, if you’re searching, Sedona real estate condos make a great choice.

Barbara Baker: Sedona Real Estate Expert for Condominiums

I’m Barbara Baker and I’d love to explore the Sedona real estate options when it comes to condos or townhomes. Let me know what you’re looking for in a townhome and I’ll match you with choices that fit your wishes. It only takes a few moments to get started. Give me a call at 928-301-0669 or email me  and I will be happy to talk to you about the varied choices that await you in the Sedona Condo/townhome Arena in the Sedona real estate market.