What's A Seller To Do In Today's Market?

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Jan 31st 2010 1:43pm In: Sedona Real Estate

As far as our Sedona real estate market is concerned, I feel sorry for sellers. I do. It's hard being a seller today, trying to sell your home in Sedona with all the competition and with foreclosures representing only 7% of the active listings but 39% of the sold volume.  And it's worse through the Verde Valley.  If you include all of our little local towns... foreclosures represented a whooping 51% of our sold volume.  51%.  So I truly feel the seller's pain.  So, what's a seller to do in this market?  Price. That's it. Price.  It should be priced so well that it takes your breath away. It makes a seller gasp. That's the reaction you are trying to achieve with the buyer!  That GASP!   Then, only then, will you have the buyer's jumping all over your home.  For remember your competition -that foreclosure around the corner, around the street, around the bend - it will be there for this year, and perhaps... next year as well.  Price.  Be ahead of the game  to win the game.  For this is a game of roulette, and there are few survivors! Call me for more information about the Sedona real estate market at 928-301-0669.

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