The Importance of Curb Appeal

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Sep 9th 2010 4:00pm In: Sedona Real Estate

Most real estate agents will tell you that the best time to sell a home in the Sedona, West Sedona, Uptown Arizona areas is during the late spring and early summer months. When the weather turns warm, the vibrant growing season commences, and children can be seen playing happily in the yard, potential homebuyers really begin to connect with a house – even before they set foot across the threshold.

In real estate lingo, this is known as curb appeal.

Most potential homebuyers make a decision about a house within the first 30 seconds. For example, simply driving by a well-kept single family home for sale in the Sedona, West Sedona, Uptown Arizona areas is often enough to cause people to pull over and make an immediate call to their realtor. That's because an inviting exterior promises an inviting interior.

To get the kind of curb appeal that really gets noticed, you have to be able to detach yourself from your home. You may have lived there for months or years, and have probably learned to overlook the overgrown shrubbery next to the sidewalk or the mailbox in need of repair. However, these are the first things potential homebuyers will see. You have to view your home as objectively as possible in order to begin making the necessary repairs to get noticed.

Look out for:

  • Visible mold or mildew on the house, roof, or sidewalks
  • Outdated exteriors
  • Yard clutter
  • Dirty gutters, siding, or windows
  • Chipped paint
  • How your home appears at dusk or even at night
  • Overgrowth in the yard or on the sidewalks
  • Dead plants or leaf piles
  • Overly personalized doormats

Of course, if you're really motivated to sell your home in the Sedona, West Sedona, Uptown Arizona areas, you may also want to consider upgrading your landscaping. Like staging your home or making repairs, restorative landscaping can give your house just enough polish to entice a higher level of buyers. In fact, in a recent study, it was determined that good landscaping can actually add 6 to 11 percent to your home's sale price.

We all know that selling a home can be hard work. Increase your chances of success by making sure your potential buyers are impressed before they even get out of the car.

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