Protect your credit history when you are making a mortgage on a Sedona Home for Sale

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Dec 21st 2016 6:00am In: Sedona Real Estate

So you have found your Sedona Home - Congrats!  So if you are getting a loan on that Sedona home watch your credit.  Sure you know about the important of a good credit score, but do you know that mortgage companies look at other details in your credit history?  Avoid triggering these red flags.  

Don't apply for multiple credit cards or credit accounts in a short period of time, and don't apply for any prior to applying for your mortgage or prior to closing on your Sedona home loan.

Don't take cash advances or pay only the minimum monthly amount on existing credit accounts. Both of these actions indicate that you are experiencing hard times or may be in financial crisis.  Keeping a reasonable credit reserve in each account will bode well and paying off the balance on credit cards each month will help boost your credit score, and lastly,

Don't co-sign on loans for others.  Co-signing means that someone else's loan appears in your debt-load column - and that late payments or defaults by the other party may damage your credit.

So Congrats on that Sedona Home.  Now watch your credit!  For all your Sedona Real Estate needs, you can call or text me at 928-301-0669 or email me here.

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