Is it time for a Bull Market for Sedona AZ Homes?

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Dec 10th 2010 6:15am In: Sedona Real Estate

I found this great article from Robb Gordon, a local Sedona AZ Home Lender and found it very interesting and wanted to share.  Even though it doesn't directly apply to Sedona AZ Homes for Sale - it does give a very bullish outlook for all housing and that would include Sedona.  

Housing Bulls, Unite

 Among the recent crop of hedge fund stars, Pershing Square Capital's Bill Ackman is notably absent from the parade of gold bulls. But he and Paulson do share a bullishness on another asset class: Housing.

 Paulson, who recently bought a two-bedroom condo in NYC for a reported $2.85 million, has been quoted saying: "If you don't own a home buy one. If you own one home, buy another one, and if you own two homes buy a third."

 Ackman, meanwhile, recently gave a presentation entitled "How to Make a Fortune," which lays out his bullish case on housing.

 Betting on gold and housing in tandem makes sense if you think the dollar is going lower and inflation is going to rise, as "hard assets" do well in that environment. Of course, if the dollar collapses, as many gold bugs like Peter Schiff predict, that won't be good for the economy or the housing market.

 Notably, Ackman's bet on housing is predicated at least in part on his generally bullish outlook for the economy and America, which may explain why he's not jumping on the gold bandwagon.

Robb can be reached at 928-282-0282.  And for all your Sedona AZ Home Buying needs, I can be reached via email, via facebook, via website, or via picking up the phone and giving a holler at 928-301-0669 







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