How to get your house ready to sell in Sedona?

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Aug 24th 2010 1:45pm In: Sedona Real Estate

If you are an owner in getting your home ready to put on the market - the first key ingredient you must have is -PRICE! It has to be priced ahead of the market.  The main reason is that in a 2nd home marketplace like Sedona - it takes a few weeks to get onto the web - for all the spider sites to pick up this wonderful new home, for agent's to send it to their client base, to client's to think it through and want to see your home - so it take alittle while. While that is happening, there could be foreclosures - no, there WILL be foreclosures coming onto the market with your price already in mind, and those foreclosures will be priced so aggressively - for the bank wants a buyer to buy their property - not yours!  So you have to price it well.

The 2nd ingredient would be STUFF.  Papers, books, knick-knacks, LOTS of family photos, kleenex boxes, -stuff, stuff STUFF.  Clean the place out.  Clear it out. Then have your realtor come in and do it again.  Too much clutter ages a home - makes it less desirable to a buyer and will affect market time -unless of course it is priced well. 

And lastly, emotionally detach yourself from the place.  Stop calling it your home - and start calling it a house.  And be serious to sell it.  If your not serious - don't waste anyone's time - including your realtor. Remember the sign out front says "For Sale", not "Will only sell if some fool pays this price".

If you do those 3 things -I guarantee your home will sell sooner and look better than most homes on the market.

For all your selling needs I can be reached at , email at, on facebook at Sedona Real Estate Page, text or call 928-301-0669. 


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