Do you need an attorney when selling a home short in the Sedona AZ Home Market?

Posted By Barbara Baker @ Jan 21st 2011 6:30am In: Sedona Real Estate

So you have hired the right agent to sell your Sedona AZ Home for sale as a short sale.  You have a contract.  It's at the bank.  The realtor is telling you -you have nothing to worry about.  You are pretty confident that you have a nonrecourse note and you won't get slapped with a deficiency judgment by the lender.  So do you need an attorney?  Let me answer this question with a question.  If I have a pain in my leg, and a physical therapist tells me it's just a pain and nothing to worry about - am I still going to go to the doctor and get their advice?  Yes.  And why? Because he is an expert.  The physical therapist knows a lot about physiology of the leg -but isn't licensed in the field of medicine.  The same can be said of the relationship of the realtor to an attorney when dealing with a short sale.  The realtor is there to advise.  The realtor doesn't know the law.  Only an attorney can help you with that.  In all matters in dealing with a Sedona AZ Home for Sale - I would always suggest that any consumer talk to an AZ attorney about their rights under the current law.  The Short sale process is a slippery slope - and one that is constantly changing depending on the lender... the seller... the investor...things change very rapidly in that realm of real estate and only a professional attorney can give you the most expert advice. It's like my mother used to say... Don't be penny wise, and pound foolish. Hire an attorney.

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