Buying a Home in AZ: What to Look for in Neighborhoods and Communities

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Most prospective homebuyers in the Sedona, West Sedona, Uptown Arizona areas already know that when it comes to purchasing real estate, location is key. It doesn't matter whether you're looking to make a profit on your new home or if you simply want a place that will help you raise your family – the neighborhood you choose to call your own is just as important as those details of square footage, number of bathrooms, and central air.


Choosing a home in AZ based on the quality of the neighborhood is especially important. There are so many diverse and incredible places to live here that you can change your lifestyle simply by moving closer to that hip, urban center or further out, where suburban sprawl or a few acres of your own are calling.


Most people already look at neighborhoods and communities in Sedona when considering a home purchase. In fact, some of the more common considerations include:


  • School districts
  • Type of neighborhood (gated, urban, suburban, etc.)
  • Public transportation options
  • Access to commuting routes
  • Proximity to shopping
  • Proximity to facilities like police, fire, or medical care
  • Tax rates
  • Crime rates


However, although these are all very important parts of choosing a neighborhood in the Sedona, West Sedona, Uptown Arizona areas, finding the facts might not be as easy as you hope. For example, things like tax rates can be researched, but you'll also need to look at the future of development in the area. If there's a big plan for condos to go up in your family neighborhood, you might find that the area is gearing for development. This might mean higher tax rates as the community draws in a higher-income crowd. (It might also mean a change in the neighborhood dynamic).


It's also important to consider the different times of day and the year in which you visit your prospective home.


  • How crowded are the streets during rush hour? On the weekends?
  • How safe do you feel walking around during the day? What about at night?
  • How maintained are the parks and streets in the winter? In the summer?
  • How is the noise level at night or in the morning? Does this change on the weekends?


In order to make the most well-informed decision possible on your new home in Sedona, it's best to ask a trusted real estate professional like Barbara Baker or to talk with current (and past) residents. Not only will you get an insider's view on what the AZ community looks like after hours and in real life, but you might also learn that the people who will become your new neighbors are an enticing draw all on their own.

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