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The Value of doing a Pre Home Inspection when Selling your Sedona Home

Posted By: Barbara Baker In: Sedona Real Estate
Date: Tue, Jan 17th 2017 11:48 am

Should A Seller do a Pre-Home Inspection on their Sedona Home before they list the property on the Open Market?  I would say Absolutely YES!  It will cost between $500-800.00 depending on the size of the home and will give the seller the opportunity to fix any Large Items or Items not currently at Code, provides a Seller with Piece of Mind, and gives the Seller the Opportunity to share with the Buyer the repaired items.   It also gives a buyer the assurance that the Seller is taking the Home Selling Process seriously by investigating and fixing any items that may need repair.  So Sedona Home Sellers - Listen UP!  When your realtor suggest obtaining a Sedona Home Inspection - Say YES!  For all your Sedona Real Estate Needs I can be reached via email here,  or text or call 9283010669.