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Sedona Land Market better than Sedona AZ Home Market

Posted By: Barbara Baker In: Sedona Real Estate
Date: Fri, Nov 12th 2010 5:52 pm

The Sedona AZ Homes for Sale market may be stagnant but it looks like th Sedona Land market is improving a little.  The Median sold price for the year is $132,400.  Which is up from last year’s  10 year low of $121,000 .  The good news is that the sold prices have trended up a bit and we have sold more lots this year so far (79) than from 07-09.  In fact we haven’t seen this much activity since 06 when we sold 105 lots in the same time frame.  Prices have dropped to a point where buyer’s are now buying.   In 06 -  buyer’s thought they needed to jump on the bandwagon  before the prices went up any higher and seller’s made out like bandits.  And now buyer’s are making out like bandits – with the main prevailing long term strategy of buying and holding. Our lowest price point was last year and I don’t think this year will be lower but rather higher. Currently we have 8 pending lots with a median list price of $314,000.  Of course, I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict what will happen – if I didn’t I wouldn’t be working anymore – however from current indicators – the Sedona land is ticking up much better than the Sedona AZ Homes for Sale Market.

 I think you can wait – but I wouldn’t wait too long. For all your buying and selling needs I can be reached email, at my website, or on facebook , or the old fashioned way 928-301-0669. So please contact me to pick my brain about Sedona Land, Investing in Sedona, or the Sedona AZ Home market