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Do you need a CLUE Report when buying a Sedona Home for Sale?

Posted By: Barbara Baker In: Sedona Real Estate
Date: Sat, Nov 19th 2016 3:37 pm

In the Arizona Standard Residential Purchase Contract - the Seller is required to convey to a Buyer within 5 days of contract acceptance - a "Letter of Experience" from the Seller's Insurance Company with a 5 year history, (or shorter depending on how long the Seller has owned the property) showing any and all claims filed against the Insurance Company.  Usually most Sellers easily provide this information and Buyers purchasing Sedona Homes for Sale are covered so the Standard Clue Report is not needed.    However, there are cases when buying Sedona Real Estate  - I.E. A Bank Owend Property - where the bank will not provide ANY claims History - so make DARN sure you inquire about obtaining insurance during your inspection period.  For all your Sedona Real Estate Needs, you can call, text or email me here!